New Splitter tool on main add-on page

Hey guys, I am wondering if there are plans to move the new updated transaction splitter out of the labs sections and replace teh older transacation splitter on the main add-on page. image

To be clear, I am not saying I want to remove the existing splitter and only use the labs only. Honestly it takes a while to load the labs version and I dont use it often because of it.


Hi @richl, I definitely understand wanting to load the split functionality faster. We won’t be moving the Labs version into the previous “Tiller Splitter” add-on, but are sunsetting that version/add-on. We’re moving toward 3 primary add-ons (at least that’s the plan right now). Tiller Money Feeds, Tiller Money Labs, and Tiller to be renamed at some point to reflect that it’s for “Envelope Budgeting”

Would it be helpful if there was a sub-menu via Tiller Money Labs add-on main menu that took you directly to the Split Transaction functionality ?

That’s an interesting idea, @heather.

As long as it makes it quicker to load. it takes about 5 seconds for the existing splitter tool to load. It takes about 15 or more seconds to load the labs splitter.

Second the idea of getting to the splitter faster. Loading Tiller Labs is slow to start with, and navigating within it is very tedious.

If you are going to add functionality to Tiller Money Feeds, adding the Reconcile Wizard for Manual Transactions would also be a great addition.