Easy access to Google Sheets Tiller Money Feeds add-on features


Yesterday we pushed an update to the Google Sheets Tiller Money Feeds add-on main menu to give you quick and easy access to the features you use the most! Now from the Extensions menu you can access split transactions, AutoCat, manual accounts, and more.

Use “Launch” to open the add-on sidebar and access features from the sidebar menu, otherwise choose a feature and you’re off and running!

The add-on may prompt you to sign in prior to executing your selected action if your session has expired.

Let us know if you have any questions or feedback!


This makes splitting transactions so much easier. Thank you!


Awesome! My one suggestion after Split Transaction was moved to the sidebar was going to be to bring it back to the drop-down menu instead of buried in the sidebar. So thank you for going ahead and making that change!

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Neat. Also thanks for the home links in the Feeds sidebar!

I do think it’s a bit confusing to have two different “tools” but I can’t think of a different way to title them so I see why :slight_smile:

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HUGE help! Thank you.

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Hi Heather

I cannot access the website tillerhq.com from any device. I get the attached error message. I am not running cloudflare.

Can you please take a look at the attached and let me know what to do?


Bob Wegman

@wegs220 we’re working on it :slight_smile:

You can access your linked spreadsheets directly via https://sheets.tillerhq.com/auth/login, which is not impacted by this outage.

So much easier to split stuff now. Thank-you!!!

I love that you are streamlining the UX (computer-geek-speak for User eXperoience) by Huffman Coding (computer-geek-speak for making heavily used commands easier to execute).

Can you go one step further and put a big “Idiot Button” (computer-geek-speak for “Don’t Make Me Think”) to further ease my cognitive load on start-up. For some reason, remembering the (arcane to me) sequence below is not well mapped to “Launch” or “Fill”. I just want a “Get Started” button.

  • Load Tiller sheet by clicking bookmark on bookmark bar
  • Remember to click Extensions
  • Wonder why I can’t find what I want, and either go looking elsewhere or
  • Re-remember that it takes a while for Tiller stuff to appear
  • Read 2 choices. Think about them.
  • Choose “Tiller Money Feeds”
  • Hope that my mouse movements slide over to open sub-menu (because I HATE using mice… I’m a keyboard shortcut junkie)
  • Scan them all, then conclude that “Launch” is what I want
  • Wait for a bit
  • Get what I want… a menu that answers everyone’s favorite question “What can I do now?”.

I’d love it if the “Launch all Tiller stuff” idiot button would prevent me from all the friction in the above list. Heck, I’d like it even more if the idiot button could press itself so that I wouldn’t even need to.

If my (lossy) memory serves me, this would be code like this
function onLoad {Create and display idiot-button}
function michaelVisionedOnLoad {onLoad(); if(first_time) { idiot-button.click(); first_time = false; }


Thanks for your feedback here @michaelrwolfseattle !

We stuck with Launch because that is language most folks are used to with this add-on and makes the most sense in all contexts in which customers will interact with it :slight_smile:

I probably didn’t summarize my thoughts as well as I could. Let me try to shorten it.

I do not dislike the term “launch”.

I dislike that I must perform the launch myself (i.e. “some assembly required” instead of “Tiller comes fully assembled”).

I dislike that “Launch” is hidden, and that it is 2 levels down a menu structure.

When I open my Tiller sheet, I want all-things-tiller to automagically be there, or at least immediately visible. Having to dig for it adds friction and cognitive load that prevents me from getting busy.

Two ways to reduce that friction would be…

  • Have me think less – “Launch” is immediately visible (on a button, say in $A$1, or a clickable-blue-URL, or something else)
  • Have me not think at all – “Launch” happens without my intervention, automagically when I* open the sheet.

I want to see “Fill” as soon as possible. “Fill” is a financial action. Everything before that is friction (for the human) of the kind that computers do better.

I hope this is more clear without sounding too negative. I love Tiller’s basic premise, and am looking to remove some rough edges.

Thanks for clarifying. That makes sense. I think we’re a little bound by what Google will allow us to do here though with regard to launching the add-on or executing some function within the add-on, but I’ll keep your feedback for future consideration.