New: Split transactions using Tiller Money Feeds for Google Sheets

Originally published at: New: Split transactions using Tiller Money Feeds for Google Sheets - Tiller

As we continue transitioning well loved and widely used features out of the Tiller Community Solutions add-on and into Tiller Money Feeds we’re excited to announce the Transaction Splitter tool for Google Sheets.

We reviewed all the feature requests in the Tiller Community for the community version of the tool and incorporated many of them. Thanks for all your suggestions on how to improve this feature!

Not only can you now split a transaction’s amount across multiple categories right in the Tiller Money Feeds add-on sidebar, but you can also customize the split’s description, note, and tags.

You can even save your splits for use again later if you’re commonly splitting the same types of transactions the same way.

You’ll now see a “Tools” menu in the Tiller Money Feeds add-on sidebar for Google Sheets where you can access this feature. We hope to have it available for Microsoft Excel at some point too, but are heads down working on AutoCat for Excel and hope to have that live for those of you using Excel soon!

Learn more about how to use it on our help center here.

We’d love to know what you think! Chime in with a reply below.


Great job! Congratulations on another wonderfully enhanced feature.


Thanks for all your help with beta testing :wink:

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Wow - great job - very complete tool functionality and very intuitive.
I just split a monthly insurance payment that covers 3 policies - once I detailed the first 2 splits - the remainder populated the final split - nice! Picking categories was very easy. I also love that the Notes column auto-populates with details of the split and that the Transaction ID is updated and notated for each split.

I will try the save function next.
Thank you again.
Bill Gillett


Hi Heather,

The new transaction splitter looks nice. Unfortunately, I am only seeing the old versions -

I must be missing a step in the path to the new splitter.


It appears that new features are coming about for Google sheets but not for Excel. Should I ditch Excel and learn Google sheets?

@rgsidor you’re in Tiller Money Feeds (based on your screenshot) so it’s the new version. What are you expecting that you’re not seeing and I can point you to it.

@len5165 We are working on both! AutoCat for Excel coming soon! We started with Google Sheets and it had a few year head start on Excel so Excel has some catching up to do.

Hi Heather,

My mistake. I missed the dropdown arrow so I did not see the additional boxes.

Look forward to using the new features when the updater is fixed for the DCU accounts.

Please close out this support item.


Improvements are always appreciated. My one critique is that it seems silly to create a “Tools” sub menu that only has one tool below it (Split Transaction). This function deserves first level placement until such time that more tools are included. Most used tools should be obvious with one click activation. IMO.


I tried the new transaction splitter today and it worked perfectly. I used the old version a lot and would then head over to the transaction sheet to add notes/tags as needed.

It would be great to bring the Reconcile Transactions tool over from the Community Solutions and place it in the Money Feeds “Tool” area.

Thanks for the continuing efforts to make this easy to use.

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As someone who has used split transaction almost daily for several years I do appreciate the added features & functionality! There is one thing I’m noticing that worked in the old version that as far as I can tell does not in the new. The old tool would copy formulas into all the new split rows but it appears that this one is not preserving them. All cells are values-only.

I’m hoping you can tell me if I’m using incorrectly or if this is no longer possible to preserve the formulas during a split. Thanks!

That’s a fair point, @mail2tom2.

We hope to port more workflows to TMF later this year— see @martha.rudkin’s message for a hint a which— so hopefully the splitter won’t be lonely for too long.

P.S. Thanks for the feedback, @martha.rudkin. Glad you like it.

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That’s a good catch, @TMA. I don’t think there is a way the current scripts will copy formulas, but I will bring it up with @heather as a feature request/enhancement when she returns next week.