Split Transaction not Working

Hey everyone,

My transaction splitter is not working. I use it regularly but for some reason it isn’t splitting and I get a “cause unknown” notification. I am applying the categories accurately and the numbers all add up to the total cost of the transaction. I’ve tried it about 10 times over now with no luck.

Is anyone else having this issue and if so, have you figured out why its happening?

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Having the same issue. I’ve raised a ticket. I’ve noticed some other related issues:

  1. split details are going into Note column which they shouldn’t be if one has the Split Details column set-up
  2. it seems that one now has to put negative signs in front of expense items
  3. probably a design change but you can now only split from the sidebar and not the Google Sheets menu - which is problematic in that the sidebar takes up a lot of real estate and I don’t always want to have it open

I will also open a ticket, but I’m experiencing the same split issues.

Good to know, any updates you get - would appreciate you sharing!

I’m having the same issue. Where/how do we submit a help ticket?

I simply closed out my Foundation Template tab on my browser, and reloaded it from the Tiller console website, and now splitting transactions is working again.

Houston…there is a problem. It won’t even recognize two existing categories for the splits that it has recognized right along. What changed?