Splitting Transactions

I read and followed all the instructions for splitting a transaction. I am doing it through the Money Feed section that was explained. After I enter all the relevant info and hit Split transaction, nothing seems to happen and I do not get an error message. What might I be doing wrong?

Odd, has always worked great for me. Try reloading your page and then give it another shot? Maybe start with a simple one, just split it into two values and add no additional info and see if that works, and if so, undo and try getting more complex until it breaks.

Did what you suggested and still not working. After I get the transaction, put in the split specific data and hit the last blue button, it seems to go through processing for a few seconds but then I do not see any change to the transaction sheet.

Short of you starting a new template and seeing if it works there, not sure what else to recommend other than maybe posting a video of the steps you’re going through so we might see where any issues could be.

I have had issues splitting while having filters enabled, so if you use filters, maybe try disabling them prior to splitting and that may work?

I’m also thinking it could be a browser issue if you have multiple accounts logged in, maybe try an incognito session to see?

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