Transaction Splitter possible bug

When using the transaction splitter while having any filters turned on, it pulls the incorrect transaction into the splitter tool, It appears to pull that row as if there was no filter applied. Is someone else maybe able to replicate this?

My use case for this is that I like to have my uncategorized transactions filtered and go through them only.

Otherwise everything seems to be working fine.
@randy if you don’t mind taking a look at this when you get a chance that would be great.

I’ve seen this in the past. I don’t remember if using slicers fixed it. In general, slicers are better then filters.

I’ll have to try that I’m not familiar with slicers but i would imagine it may be similar to filters for set up.

It did indeed work, it just seems a bit clunky with it being placed on top of the transaction sheet, is there a way to lock it to the Taskbar or something?