Using Slicers in Transactions

Has anyone used the Google Sheets Slicer function in their Transactions tab to help filter information? Either that or use the Slicer function in conjunction with a Pivot table to help filter down the information from the Transactions. I did try to add a Slicer to my Transactions tab but I get a warning that I am editing a tab that is not meant to be edited and if I would like to continue. I cancelled out because I would like to get some feedback from others if this will work or not. Also outside of a slicer/pivot table does anyone have any recommendations on filtering the transactions data. For example I have a Groceries category and would like to filter it for the Month of December to look at my Grocery transactions for the month.

Anything that tries to modify the sheet will be a problem. You can use Filters directly on the Transactions sheet without a problem, but if you’re going to do a Pivot Table you’ll want it to exist on it’s own sheet. For what you’re trying to do, you might try adding the “Transaction Tracker” template from the Tiller Community Solutions extension.