Custom Filtering or Queries

I am new to both Tiller and Google Sheets.
I have imported thousands of credit card transactions and ready to “get started” interpreting my data!
GOAL - see how much I’ve spent on transactions with certain keywords, for example classpass

  1. I copied my transaction tab to a new sheet, so I wouldn’t mess up the original.
  2. I tried applying a sheets filter to the column, but it doesn’t seem to do anything.
  3. There’s an add-on for doing this by category, but I’d like to get transaction level granularity

Should be easy…right?

You shouldn’t need a duplicated Transactions sheet. Just work in the original.

You could use the QUERY() function or just a column filter like the one below.

Though it’s not designed for this specific need, the “Transaction Comparison” solution does have the ability to search a keyword in the Description, you can choose the time period to look in, and it will show the total of the transactions it finds. When looking for a keyword, click in the Description field on the Transaction Comparison sheet, and enter your keyword with a “." before it, and a ".” after it (eg. .Google. will find all descriptions with the word ‘Google’ in them).

A column filter would be great.
I have applied thousands of filters in excel and plenty in google sheets.
They work fine on Column F - Group, but not working for me on Column C - Description.

There is no filter icon top of column and there is no reduction in transactions shown in the column.
It’s like the column is read only or something…I can’t figure it out.