Filter accounts in transactions

I am a newb to Tiller. I want to be able to check and work with the balances of ALL my accounts, so they are connecting and working and display in the balances column of my Google Sheets. However, I also see ALL of the other account’s transactions in the transactions tab and ONLY want to see 1 account or maybe even 2 at a time. Is there a place to choose what transactions show in the transactions tab without having to have a different sheet ?

Hi @astrontelstar…welcome to the community.

One way to see only the transactions from a select set of accounts in your transaction sheet is to set a filter for these in the column that holds your account names. This will persist even after you leave the sheet and come back, remaining until you change it. If you’re unfamiliar with this idea, here’s a quick tutorial. (Note: if you think you’ll be toggling back and forth between different types of account lists, try creating and saving a filtered view. It saves the steps of setting a filter with a named view.)

Does that help?