Separate individual accounts from Transactions sheet

Hello all - I’m trying to create sub pages for each of five accounts that show up on the Transactions sheet. Tiller feed updates daily, I see the data all together on the Transactions page; I’d like to also have it dynamically show up on another sheet filtered for each account ( one account per sheet).
I tried copying the data and pasting in a new sheet but it was not dynamic, didn’t update when the Transaction data changed.
Pivot tables might work, but I need to spend more time with that to be sure. Another possibility is copying the data as a table.
I see there is an addon in Tiller Labs to do this in Google sheets, but I prefer the security of Excel.
Has anyone else already set up this kind of workflow?

Yip, you never want to copy/paste. That leads to stale data.
You can try these formulas

  3. INDEX

Maybe start here or here