I'm New & using Google Sheets. Uploaded Mint Data, linked my Banks, uploaded Amazon purchase history and not confident in data integrity. Also can't filter

I’m new to Tiller and am having a hard time getting all my transactions to show up correctly. I linked all my bank accounts, loaded in all my historical Mint Data, got my Amazon history (what a pain) and uploaded that. I’m having a hard time verifying and feeling confident that all the Amazon uploaded data is syncing/matching what was already in Mint/CC purchases.
I see that there are ‘transfer’ categories populating that match but seems that some are missing and I can’t wrap my head around this to verify everything is correct.

Additionally - I am trying to filter from the headings, i get the alert You’re trying to edit part of this sheet that shouldn’t be changed accidentally. Edit anyway?, hit ok but can’t actually filter any of the columns to just view certain descriptions/categories etc.

Please help and thanks in advance!

Welcome to Tiller, @matt_harrison. Sounds like you’ve come a long way.

If you’re looking for perfection, the Amazon offsets are a little bit crude as I documented here. The data from Amazon is imperfect so the approach is best-effort. The offsets should get you pretty close if you categorize the credit card transactions to Amazon as “Transfer” then allow the newly-inserted Amazon Offsets to zero those out (approximately) leaving on the new line-items as the long-term, go-forward expenses.

It’s ok to remove that cell-protection on the header (to run filters), but just be careful about typing over the header names as that can (appear to) break dashboards. (If you’re saying you can’t filter after overriding the cell protection, I’m not sure why that would be.)

Thanks for the quick reply Randy!
So to check my understanding - If i use AutoCat to categorize the Mint transferred Amazon transactions as transfer as well? Currently I have not categorized them at all. Then the Amazon Import will have the ‘transfer’ that cancels out the mint line item. Then the new line-items created from the CSV import will then show up in the budget/spending trackers and I can categorize all those based on the specific items.

Yes, that’s correct, i am unable to filter once overriding the protection. Well, look at that, figured it out while trying to explain it. So I was unable to filter based on ‘value’ but I was able to filter based on ‘condition’. This is really my first time using Google sheets so maybe this is normal.

I’ll keep playing around and looking at community posts to learn more. Thanks again!

That’s correct, @matt_harrison, regarding the offsets. You can categorize the Mint bulk CC transactions as Amazon or Transfer… just be sure you use the same thing for the offsets in the CSV Import workflow.

Glad you solved the Filter issue.