Amazon CSV import--original orders and new [Amazon Orders] offsets don't match

I am newbie to Tiller but am loving the flexibility and features so far. We do a fair amount of purchasing through Amazon, so was really excited about the Amazon/CSV Line Item Importer, but I’m struggling to make it work. The tool seems to work–I imported several months of Amazon data and it generated the new [Amazon Order] and [Amazon Item] line, the former are correctly categorized as “Amazon” and the latter, I manually categorized. When I go through my new updated transactions sheet, I can still find (by filtering) the original order line items, which also are categorized as Amazon.

Here’s the problem: the original order line items and the new [Amazon Order] line items don’t seem to match. I know from reading here that there’s an issue with not having matching dates. I can live with that. But the entries don’t seem to fully match up either. Shouldn’t I have one [Amazon Order] entry for every original order line item? And shouldn’t the amounts match, or be close? My entries are way off. I have: 31 original order line items, but I have 57 [Amazon Order] entries! And they don’t appear to be duplicates (at least as far as I can tell from reviewing the Descriptions and the amounts). Also, shouldn’t the amounts add up to the same number? Well, the new [Amazon Order] line items add up to more than 3x the original order lines. The [Amazon Order] rows and the [Amazon Item] rows do seem to add up, however.

Any thoughts on what I’m doing wrong and how to fix it?

I’m close to throwing in the towel and just reverting back to my pre-CSV Import Tool sheet–thankfully I saved a back up. If I can’t get it to work, anyone know the best way to revert back to my back-up sheet to avoid breaking any links/scripts/etc? I created the back up file using the File>Make A Copy function and saved it in a different Tiller Back Up folder.

Thanks in advance!

Maybe you are seeing Amazon CSV Import Exceptions?

Here’s an example of what it should look like. Do you have a screenshot of an example you don’t think is working properly?

Thanks, but unfortunately none of these exceptions account for the problem I’m seeing. We are prime members, and we don’t generally use Amazon grocery delivery or gift cards. So, while there might be a small handful (maybe 1 or 2 entries) where I will need to manually adjust for these exceptions, that doesn’t account for the scope of the problem.

Any other ideas?

I think I’d need an example screenshot of what you’re seeing to understand it better.

One other suggestion is to look at one of them and compare it to the Amazon invoice details to see what’s different.