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I stumbled on this topic and I find it to be very useful for purchases from Amazon, however, I am uncertain as to the resulting rows and how to handle them.

I understand the concept of the line items but wasn’t sure how the entries will appear in my checking account and do I have to modify something to make that work. Confusing question? Let me try to clear that up:

Entries appear like this:

7/10/2020 [Amazon Item] Abbey Gift Irish Home Blessing Cross Home Merchandise -$23.26 Visa - 3839
7/10/2020 [Amazon Item] BN-LINK Heavy Duty Mechanical 24 Hour Timer Dual Outlet 3-Prong Accurate Indoor for Lamps Fans Christmas Lights White AC 1875W 1/2 HP, UL Listed Home Merchandise -$10.81 Visa - 3839

They show the account as “Visa - 3839” when in actuality that is debit card from my checking account. Further down the columns it says Institution as Amazon. No where does it show my checking account?

Help me understand this please! How does it know this came out of my checking account and make sure my checking register is accurate?

I’m overlooking something, I’m sure :frowning:

@cgoneal, I’m not totally sure on this one. Hoping @randy can chime in with an answer.

Good question, @cgoneal. The way that accounts are named in the Amazon CSV export is different than the names used for accounts in Tiller Money spreadsheets.

The Tiller Money Labs Import CSV Line Items workflow does not currently try to reconcile the names provided between the two data sources— Tiller Money Feeds and the line-item importer.

If you compare the Account-column content for Amazon line-items, you should see that the transactions match up to what was in the CSV’s Payment Instrument Type column. If not, let me know. :wink: