Import CSV Line Items question - Amazon Business Account

I didn’t have success in the google sheets forum, so figured I’d ask here. I am using the import CSV community tool for my Amazon Business Account and it is stating that it does not recognize the CSV file. Am I able to convert the transaction list to a recognizable file for now, or am I doing something wrong?

You downloaded the ‘items’ report under “Download order reports”, @seanavne?

For Amazon business the instructions were to download the shipments report, so I will give that a try. Thank you!

Let me know how it goes. Possible they updated their format and the script rules are fairly brittle.

Randy can you share the script rules you refer to? The import keeps “Analyzing line items history…” and never does anything. For the Business shipment report, if all fields are selected here is what eh csv headers look like:

Order Date
Order ID
Account Group
PO Number
Order Quantity
Order Subtotal
Order Shipping & Handling
Order Promotion
Order Tax
Order Net Total
Order Status
Account User
Account User Email
Shipment Date
Shipment Status
Delivery Status
Expected Delivery Date
Carrier Tracking #
Shipment Quantity
Shipping Address
Shipment Subtotal
Shipment Shipping & Handling
Shipment Promotion
Shipment Tax
Shipment Net Total
Carrier Name
Amazon-Internal Product Category
Brand Code
National Stock Number
Item model number
Part number
Product Condition
Company Compliance
Listed PPU
Purchase PPU
Item Quantity
Item Subtotal
Item Shipping & Handling
Item Promotion
Item Tax
Item Net Total
PO Line Item Id
Tax Exemption Applied
Tax Exemption Type
Tax Exemption Opt Out
Discount Program
Pricing Discount applied ($ off)
Pricing Discount applied (% off)
Receiving Status
Received Quantity
Received Date
Receiver Name
Receiver Email
GL Code
Cost Center
Project Code
Custom Field 1
Custom Field 2
Custom Field 3
Custom Field 4
Custom Field 5
Custom Field 6
Custom Field 7
Custom Field 8
Custom Field 9
Custom Field 10
Custom Field 11
Custom Field 12
Custom Field 13
Seller Name
Seller Credentials

Reviewing the list that you emailed me earlier, all of the ones you provided are matched so there are more columns in the “all selected”… any idea why the import would be stuck? see attached image.
Screenshot 2023-02-13 162506


I see some crashes in the log that start with this message, @al1 (I don’t know which user experienced these errors— they may not be yours):

Error: V4 Helper->getRanges Fatal:{"message":"Response Code: 413. Message: response too large.

Is it possible your Transactions sheet is ginormous… to use the technical term?