Import CSV Amazon transaction association

I’ve just starting using Tiller and it is absolutely perfect for my needs. I love the idea of the Amazon breakdown using the Import CSV Line Items community tool.

I have one question on that process; Has anyone figured out how to associate the [Amazon Order] from the CSV to the actual purchase transaction? I understand the idea of balancing out as you import and the dangers of automating that association. My CC purchase date and the amazon order date are sometimes a day (and several transactions) later, making the association hard to discern. It would be awesome if there is a way to throw the same metadata to a matching transaction, or at least attempt to do so so I don’t have to manually copy-paste those transactions.

Perhaps its something I’ll have to write myself, just curious if anyone else has tried to do this yet and any pitfalls I’m missing?

Even if you use the Amazon credit card, it doesn’t seem to provide any info in the Transaction that can be linked to the Amazon order. I used to import the Amazon CSV info but found it to be more trouble than it was worth. Didn’t align very well with my bank transactions (especially if you use cash back, gift cards, etc) and ended up being more work than it was worth (and this is coming from someone that gets pretty carried away with details on stuff!). I now just look in my Amazon order list and copy the item description and paste it in the Transaction description…

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