Amazon downloads

How do you download your Amazon purchases to a CSV file?

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Go into the Tiller Community Solutions add-on to “Tools” then “Import CSV”. Click on “Amazon Purchases” and it gives links and instructions on where to go.

Thanks! For some reason Tiller added offsetting debits for each purchase. Any idea why?

Presumably you also got transactions for each of those purchases via your credit card, so if you don’t add an offsetting purchase, you’ll have two negative transactions (one from bank, one from csv), and it will appear you spent twice as much. The offset transaction basically ‘neutralizes’ the affect of the csv import on your budgets, etc. I used to do Amazon imports, but found it to be a lot of extra work, and it often didn’t fit into my budget well since the amounts you see in the csv are sometimes very different than what you’re seeing on your bank statements.

Agree! We buy a lot from Amazon (we live in a rural area) and I have a helluva time reconciling Tiller transactions with what I see on our account. We’ll see if these csv downloads are any easier…

Thanks for the input!