Amazon Synchrony Card/CSV Import

So i’m trying add all of last year’s transactions on the amazon synchrony card to my tiller transactions. Am i correct that there is NO WHERE to download the csv? i cannot find any option to download it on the website. and also, i see a lot of help topics about amazon line items, that’s not what i’m talking about here, right? is that the descriptions of the purchases? or is that the same thing i’m trying to figure out. VERY confused…thanks for helping this newbie!

I don’t have the Synchrony card, so I can’t speak to the availability of past transactions. It’s possible you might have to print out statements and manually enter the transactions into Tiller :: .

In the “Import CSV Line Items” tool, the Amazon options there, including “Purchases” and “Refunds” are for the Amazon orders, including the full description of each item, and are independent of payment (though they do include which payment method was used). Note that the payment usually doesn’t match up exactly with the payment amounts on your credit card, since discounts, gift cards, and other variables usually come into play and result in the amount you pay being different than the initial cost.

thanks, i ended up manually adding each line!

Could you set up the columns in your CSV file to match your transaction sheet then copy and paste these?

They only have a pdf file (that i could locate, at least), so no columns. I had to do everything manually

I use this often. Try this to see if you can convert that pdf to Excel even though you already did it manually. This would be for the next time. Others exist too. Let me know if it works. Thanks, Blake


thanks!! i didn’t know this existed!! appreciate it!

These images show my screens at Synchrony for downloading CSV.

Main Menu - Select Activity|Activity

Click on Export and choose CSV


well, i sure feel like an idiot LOL i looked so long all over and didn’t see the yellow button on the bottom right. thank you for taking the time to provide screenshots!!! really appreciate it!!!

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