🏆 Transaction Tracker for Google Sheets


The Transaction Tracker is a place where you can filter your transactions by a multitude of criteria without having to switch sheets. All filters are optional and as you input multiple filters, your transactions are filtered to that granular level.

In addition, there is a grouping option to the right, where you can group transactions by different categories, such as Description, Category, Group and Account.


This is now available in Tiller Community Solutions.
To install, just add the solution from TCS:


All filters are optional, and you can use pre-selected dates or enter your own custom dates, both for “from” and “to.”


Is it ok for others to copy, use, and modify your workflow?

Things to remember

Please note that the “Type” filter does not filter the transactions. It is only used to help in the filtering of the filters. Selecting a Type filter, will narrow down the Cat/Group filter.
The exclude filters, will filter from the results the specific account or category. So if you filter by institution (group), your account (category) drop down will have all accounts (categories) for that institution (group). You can then select a specific item to exclude without having to run the report for each specific one.


Thanks to jpfieber and his Transaction Comparison for the idea.

-edit- Updated to version 1.11

I love the idea of this tracker. I copied into my Tiller sheet and have a reference error in cell A13 - Error Function ARRAY_ROW parameter 6 has mismatched row size. Expected: 5972. Actual: 1.

Any thoughts to help? Would appreciate it!

Also like the idea of this sheet but it doesn’t seem to fully work for me. Its feeding all of my transactions correctly, but the Type, Group, and Category filters don’t filter anything. The Tag filter works but then I can’t remove the Tag once I put it in the filter.

Could be user error but doesn’t seem like it.

Can you try copying it again from the template to your sheet? I just tried and it is working for me. It could be the tag column, if you don’t have one in your Transaction sheet. If that’s the case, you can simply add a column called Tags to your transaction sheet. If it still doesn’t work, let me know.

To get rid of the Tag filter, you can just press Delete and the filter would reset.
The Group and Category works together, and the Type doesn’t filter the data, but lets you filter to the right Group.
Please try again and let me know if you are having problems and paste a screenshot so I can try to troubleshoot.

Tags is column AA. I have no ideas. thx.

Ha. Yes, the Delete key worked. Should have been obvious to me. Kept using backspace for some dumb reason.

However, I’m going to reload the sheet because the Type, Group, and Category fields just don’t filter.

Great tracker! The Category and Account filters work great. However, the Type and Group don’t seem to.
I have errors In M20 and N20 for Group where the range is "Transactions’!$A2:A and also in N28 Groups. The error is “Did not find value ‘Group’ in Match Evaluation”.
Do you have a GROUP column on your Transactions sheet? I love being able to filter for Accounts and Category without having to always filter my transactions sheet.

Thanks! I am hoping you don’t have a GROUP column in your TRANSACTIONS sheet. If that is the case, can you try it after adding and populating a group column? See here for how to do it: Add a Group column to the Transactions Sheet | Tiller Help Center
Also, the Type filter just filters the GROUP/CATEGORY filters, not the transactions.

Thank you, adding the group column to the TRANSACTIONS sheet fixed it. Again, great sheet that will help a lot.

This is awesome! I’ve been a heavy user of the Category Report and Category Rollup Report as a quick check to see why my spending in a particular category was unusual. This seems to be a nice complement to them.


Updated the sheet and added a grouping table to the right, where you can get some more details at a glance.

Added amount polarity filter which should help in catching miscategorized transactions.

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I’ve been using (nearly daily!) an original version of this tab and the polarity filter just caught my eye so I upgraded and WOW!! This sucker was good before but now it’s a Tiller Swiss Army Knife. Thank you so much!


You’re very welcome, I’m glad you found a use for this. I’ll try to add new features if I think of them and find that it won’t slow it down too much.

I’m still having no luck with this sheet. Getting following error in A13…
#REF Error Function ARRAY_ROW parameter 6 has mismatched row size. Expected: 6228. Actual: 1.
Any help would be appreciated.

Let’s see if we can debug this.
What is in your S22 field? Either unhide the columns or type =S22 in an empty field.

I had my TAGS column in AA. I moved it to S and the spreadsheet is filling. I don’t know if that makes sense but I’m playing with the data now. Thanks for your attention!

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Thanks - just installed this, had an error too - but reading the comments helped, I didn’t have the group column added in my transactions sheet.

What is the note column though?

Note is sometimes used when there is a split or if you want to manually put some information into the record. But it’s not a required column, so I may just remove it if it’s causing people issues.