Super Hero Spotlight: @yossiea

Within this community, the Tiller Money team is constantly impressed with your insights, creativity, and generosity. It’s been a while since our last recognition, but, today, we are celebrating the exceptional contributions— including a brand new community template— of our community’s newest Super Hero, @yossiea.

Q&A with @yossiea

Why and how did you switch to Tiller? What were your goals?

I’ve been using some sort of transaction tracker since the days of Microsoft Money. I am also a “tinkerer” of sorts and want to be able to explore the data to find more and interesting ways to track and inform. Recently, I have set a goal to be debt free by end of next year and using Tiller is helping me keep track of discretionary spending and expense tracking. Even spending $1 or so a day on caffeine adds up and with Tiller I can see and then decide if that $1 would be better spent on debt reduction.

What feature is a game changer for you?

The fact that Tiller isn’t necessarily a “finished” solution. It’s great for all levels of financial knowledge as well as technical knowledge. Out of the box, it has what you need to track/budget/report on your income/expenses. If I decide to explore, I can do so without risk to my data. I just copy/paste a new sheet and run with it. This is how the community comes together and shares their solutions. I’ve tried Mint, YNAB and a few others and just find Tiller the most flexible.

What spreadsheet do you use the most/find most value?

I use the Debt Planner very often and using the “Extra payment” field I can see what it does to my monthly payments and debt free data. In addition, using the Bill Payment Tracker has let me get a step ahead in the bills, and since I am using that with Google, I can easily use Google Data Studio and get a weekly email of my upcoming bills.

As for my own sheet, I am most proud of my Transaction Tracker, which is based on yet another community sheet. This sheet lets you query on almost all the fields available and instantly see the raw data. You can’t do that with any of the other programs out there.

If the Tiller Money team or the community could grant you one wish, what would it be?

It really says something about Tiller that it’s tough to think of something. The only thing I would improve on (and might be outside of Tiller’s control) is the refresh process. Other than that, I’m sure as we see new community and Tiller solutions, I’ll then realize that the solution was something I’ve been missing.

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Congrats on becoming a Super Hero!