Tiller Community Recognitions – March 2023

Welcome to our newest superhero, @fehegner!

As a first-time superhero, Fred has earned a free year of Tiller, a Tiller t-shirt or hat, and entry into our Beta group. Congratulations!

Shoutout to our other March Super Heroes:

Our three superheroes hitting their 3-month anniversary have all earned another $50 gift certificate per the Super Hero Rewards program. Thanks for all your contributions, Joseph, Rich and Ben!

Congratulations to the community’s newest “Champion” members, @dixonge and @chas.bicking.

Finally, a special shoutout to @jpfieber for alerting me today to the existence of a “thunk” in Excel. I may enroll into a graduate-degree program to understand what it is and why Joseph needs to go so deep to build his new and improved Budget Plan template.

It’s March. I hope those of you who are budgeters are on track two months into the new year.


Congrats everyone! I also really love how Excel is kicking it into overdrive with many of its new functions.

Sharing an array of thunks and thanks :clap: for all your contributions! Welcome @fehegner and great to see you back @jpfieber @susandennis @yossiea @richl @bentyre1. Also good to see @dixonge and @chas.bicking as up-and-coming champions.

I have spent the week interviewing candidates for new roles at Tiller, and the Community has come up on every call as we discuss the best of Tiller. The energy you share :zap:, the ideas you generate :bulb:, the help you provide :rescue_worker_helmet:, the solutions you build :hammer:… you all, and everyone participating in the Community, are just awesome.

@yossiea I will echo your notes too about Excel. Excel is awesome. As a Community that got its start in Sheets, we’re really excited to keep welcoming so many new Excel users. I’m especially grateful for the energy everyone is applying to Excel. Whichever your spreadsheet of choice, we want the Community to be a fertile place. Let’s keep the newbie Excel in overdrive! :checkered_flag: