Tiller Community Recognitions – December 2022

In these weeks soon after Thanksgiving, I want to express gratitude for everyone who participates in this community every day. And I want to offer a special shoutout to our December Super Heroes:

First off, let’s offer a warm welcome to our newest Superhero, @bentyre1! As a first-time superhero, Ben has earned a free year of Tiller, a Tiller t-shirt or hat, and entry into our Beta group.

We are looking forward to celebrating @jpfieber’s one-year anniversary next month. In addition to everything Joseph contributes to the community discussions, don’t miss the incredible Excel templates he shared in November:

  • Year-to-Date Comparison - shows budget versus actual analysis for the year to date period
  • Account Register - builds a “checkbook register”-like running balance so you can see what remains in your account

With the Tiller Builder Rewards Program, Joseph earned $425 for these two templates (here and here) last month. If you have any questions about the program and/or building templates for sharing in this community, let me, @randy, via private message.

@richl was one of our first Superheroes back in 2020. We are pleased to announce he has earned back his cape. If you are curious or into envelope budgeting, don’t miss Rich’s Ultimate Envelopes. Rich has invested so much energy into making Ultimate Envelopes a robust envelope solution tightly integrated with Tiller Money feeds.

We should also note what a pleasure it was for the whole Tiller team to meet this community’s own @susandennis at our Seattle Meetup last month. Susan’s stories, energy and enthusiasm were contagious.

Thanks again, everyone!