Tiller Community Recognitions – November 2022

Originally published at: https://www.tillerhq.com/tiller-community-recognitions-november-2022/

As always, we are grateful to all of the people who visit, ask, assist, and contribute in the Tiller Community every day. And we are especially grateful for our Super Heroes, our most active and helpful contributors.

In particular, hats off to @brad.warren who continues his streak as the longest-serving Superhero at ONE YEAR(!) this month. Thank you, Brad!

Both @susandennis and @cculber2 hit the three-month mark in November, earning $50 gift certificates per the Super Hero Rewards program. Thank you both!

Also earning a shoutout is @jpfieber who, with 10 months of Super Hero(ness), shared another of his amazing creations for Google Sheets. Be sure to check out his Account Register template if you like to view your accounts in a register format with running balances. We are awarding Joseph a $250 recognition for his Account Register template as part of the Tiller Builder Rewards Program.

Finally, if you happen to be in the Seattle area next Tuesday (November 15), please join us at Optimism for drinks and an opportunity to chat with the Tiller team. As much as we love this virtual community, we’d love to meet you in person.

Thanks again, everyone!


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Yes yes yes! Thank @Brad.warren @jpfieber @susandennis @cculber2 for all you do for the Tiller Community and the many thousands of Tiller customers and others that benefit from the Community. I am also excited that we’ll see at least one of you at the Community meetup in Seattle on Tuesday.


What a wonderful meetup that was! Thank you @peter for the fun opportunity to meet you and the rest of the staff and other Tillerites. What a delightful bunch o’ folks!!


What a delight to meet you Susan! Loved making the connection and grateful for all your involvement at Tiller. Your name and your ideas came up several times this week in our meetings!