Tiller Community Recognitions – November 2023

We’re in the home stretch of 2023. We are excited to share this journey with you.

First off, let’s start with a few exciting announcements:

  • Our team is meeting up in Seattle in a few weeks to strategize how to make your Tiller experience better than ever. We are hoping to kick off our week-long get together by sharing a drink WITH YOU! If you happen to be around, we’d love to treat you to a drink on Nov 12, 2023 somewhere on Seattle’s Capitol Hill 5:30 PM-7:30 PM. Details to follow via direct email to our Washington-based customers. (If you happen to be in town from elsewhere and would like an invite, please DM me.)
  • Early in December, we will host our second Superheroes Roundtable. It’s a great opportunity for our most active community members to share ideas and talk shop directly with the Tiller team.
  • We are workshopping some changes to the Superhero- and Builder-Rewards programs. We will share details in December.

Congratulations to our eleven superheroes who have all extended their streaks:

Long-time superhero, @susandennis, has earned another $50 gift certificate (on a 3-month anniversary), having reached 15 consecutive months.

And, hello to our four newest “Champion” members:

In our efforts to port ever more Sheets-only community templates to Excel, last month we worked with community builders to migrate these two templates to Excel:

Finally, October was an exciting month for Show & Tell contributions, with four excellent shares worthy of your attention from community Builders:

See you in the Community!

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Love the interesting contributions from the community builders! :heart:

And looking forward to catching up in the Roundtable. Although, I can only join the virtual one, as I’m based out of India and not the US.


Thank you Community members for all that you do. This Community is full of energy because of you… your consistency, your generosity, your creativity.

It’s also great to see the building that’s happening with Google Sheets AND Excel. The growing Excel solutions are so helpful for our eager Excel users.

I’m looking forward to seeing a few of you at our Community meetup on November 12th in Seattle!

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Is there any thoughts of making Tiller an App based on your spreadsheet?


No imminently, @Cavalry. There are a few homegrown Show & Tell solutions using Glide and other low-code platforms. At some point, we’d love to include some more spreadsheet-based data in our (new) mobile-friendly Console… but that work is not prioritized.