Tiller Community Recognitions – October 2023

This month’s recognitions kick off with a welcome to our newest superhero, @1Email2RuleThemAll, who nearly halved(!) the next best time from joining our community to achieving this recognition. He’s also a builder with several well-designed shares in our Google Sheets Show & Tell topic. @1Email2RuleThemAll has earned a free year of Tiller, a Tiller t-shirt or hat, and entry into our Beta group via the Superhero Rewards program.

This October, we also welcome back long-time contributor and former superhero @YouBet96.

Congratulations to the other nine superheroes who have extended their streaks:

In addition, @MarcC, who is celebrating a 6-month anniversary, earns another $50 gift certificate as a token of our appreciation.

Congratulations also to our three newest “Champion” members:

Finally, September was an amazing month for Show & Tell contributions, with four excellent shares worth a peek:

See you in the Community!


Thank you very much to all that share your time and talents with us to use your spreadsheets. I greatly appreciate it!



Congratulations all! Well done… love seeing the new superheros!.. awesome work @1Email2RuleThemAll


Love all of these new contributions to show & tell. Thanks for your great work everyone!

Not awesome enough, apparently… :frowning: