Tiller Community Recognitions – September 2023

With September upon us, we’re edging into the home stretch of 2023…

Let’s start our recognitions off by celebrating our newest (and first-time) superhero, @isussman1228, who joined this community almost two years ago. We will celebrate @isussman1228’s many contributions over the years with a free year of Tiller, a Tiller t-shirt or hat, and entry into our Beta group via the Superhero Rewards program.

Shoutout to the other nine September 2023 superheroes who have extended their streaks:

In addition, we have five long-time superheroes celebrating 3-month anniversaries. Hats off @yossiea, @richl and @bentyre1, @fehegner and @cculber2 for extending their streaks. They have each earned another $50 gift certificate as a token of our team’s appreciation.

If you have built and shared a community template in the community, you’ve seen the invitation to our first-ever Builder’s Roundtable. We look forward to getting to know you, expressing our gratitude, talking shop, and hearing how Tiller can better support Builders on September 12. (On a semi-related note, if you missed it, have a peek at the just-published Builder’s Guide for Excel.)

Congratulations also to the community’s seven newest “Champion” members:

Finally, have a peek at a couple intriguing August’s community Show & Tell contributions:

Until next month…