Tiller Community Recognitions – August 2023

It’s already August. Summer is passing quickly.

While it’s been toasty in many parts of the country, those of us in Seattle have been blessed with incredible summer weather. In fact, on an engineering-team call a few days ago, our own @scottdev said it might be the best Seattle summer ever. Perhaps our latest one-year superhero and local Seattleite, @susandennis, can attest!

Shoutout to our August 2023 superheroes who have extended their streaks:

We are excited to offer @susandennis another $50 gift certificate via the Superhero Rewards program on her one-year anniversary. And let’s welcome new superhero, @ppraju12 who has been very active in the Google Sheets Show & Tell category, to the fold with a free year of Tiller, a Tiller t-shirt or hat, and entry into our Beta group.

Speaking of our Beta group… You might have read about some exciting updates to our Foundation Template this morning. Thanks to our Beta group members for workshopping those improvements with us over the past months.

Congratulations also to the community’s newest “Champion” members:

Finally, have a peek at July’s community Show & Tell contributions:


Congrats all, this is a great community