Setup Email Notification with your Custom Account Names while displaying latest balances


Are you confused with Account names and Balances in the daily email summary that you get from Tiller?
You’ve reached the right place.

Note: This only works for the users who are using Tiller with Google Sheets

What is the goal of your workflow? What problem does it solve?
Get an email notification with the Account balances in your own format. The choice is up to you.

But, here are some of the possibilities that I believe might be useful for everyone. So, I’ve created the template for achieving these.

  • Include your own custom alias names for your accounts
  • Display the positive or negative sign next to the balances and highlight the rows with color code to easily differentiate assets from liabilities

Solution inspired from one of the top voted feature Use customized account names in daily e-mail instead of the auto-generated ones


What steps are required to add it to a user’s personal spreadsheet?
Install the Google Sheets add-on Sheet Automation - Automate Google Sheets from Google Workspace Marketplace.

After installing this add-on, you should be able to see “Sheet Automation - Automate Google Sheets” in the Extensions menu.

If you don’t see it yet, refresh your Tiller Spreadsheet on your browser.

Here’s the sample sheet needed for the setup.

Are there dependent sheets?
Yes, this workflow relies on the Accounts tab, which is part of the Tiller Foundation Template


Setup Balance Notification Sheet

  • Copy the “Balance Notification” sheet from the Sample sheet linked above into your actual Tiller Spreadsheet
    To do that, follow the below steps:
    • Open the sample sheet
    • Right click on the “Balance Notification” sheet, select “Copy to” and then choose “Existing spreadsheet”.
    • Switch to the Recent tab and choose your actual Tiller Spreadsheet
  • Open your actual Tiller Spreadsheet and you should see the new tab created with the name as “Copy of Balance Notification” at the end. Rename it as “Balance Notification”
  • Adjust the width of the columns to see all the values clearly

Here’s how the sample data would look like.

Setup a workflow to send email daily

  • Navigate to Extensions->Sheet Automation - Automate Google Sheets and select “Open…”

  • Once the App is loaded, click on “+ Rule” button and give the name.
    Ex: “Account Balance Notification - Tiller”

  • Click on the grey box under the Trigger field and choose the trigger named “Sheet is scheduled”

  • On the next screen, select the dropdown for Sheet field and choose the “Balance Notification” sheet

  • Update the Schedule from “Hourly” to “Daily” and choose the Time at which you want to receive the daily email notification. Hit the Save button, once done.

  • On the next screen, click on the button named “+ Action” and choose “Send Email” action

  • In the Send Email screen:

    • Enter your email address in the “To” field
      If you want to send this email notification to both yourself and your spouse, you can enter both your email addresses and separate them with a comma
    • Enter the subject as “Account Balance Notification - Tiller”
    • Enter the Body as “Daily email notification with the latest account balances from Tiller sheet”
    • Click on “Attachment” link in the bottom and choose “Export sheet” from the dropdown.
  • On the last screen, hit the “Save” button

  • To test the email notification, place your cursor on the Rule Name and click on the Ellipsis (…) icon on the right and select “Run”.

  • You should be receiving an email with a PDF attachment named as “export.pdf”. Open it to view the data and make sure the alignment is fine. If not, adjust your “Balance Notification” sheet accordingly.


Is it ok for others to copy, use, and modify your workflow?
Absolutely… Feel free to try it out and let me know if you face any issues.


  • Please note that whatever formatting you apply to the columns A:E in the “Balance Notification” sheet will be reflecting in your email notification.

  • If you don’t want to see the Manual Accounts from showing up in the list, update the below formula in cell A1

=QUERY({Accounts!L:L, Accounts!H:H, Accounts!I:I, 
ARRAYFORMULA(IF(Accounts!O:O="Liability", Accounts!J:J * -1, Accounts!J:J)), 
ARRAYFORMULA(if(isblank(Accounts!H:H), "",if(row(Accounts!H:H)=1,"Last Update",TODAY()-Accounts!K:K))),
ARRAYFORMULA(if(isblank(Accounts!H:H), "",if(row(Accounts!H:H)=1,"Account Id",LEFT(Accounts!G:G,6))))}, 
"select Col1, Col2, Col3, Col4, Col5 where Col6 <> 'manual' and Col1 IS NOT NULL order by Col1, Col2")
  • Just wanted to highlight one more use case where this might be helpful.

    • If you are using “Bill Payment Tracker” template, then you can copy the “Bills Notification” sheet from the Sample sheet shared above and setup one more rule “Bills Due Notification - Tiller” in the add-on “Sheet Automation - Automate Google Sheets” for the “Bills Notification” sheet.
      But, as we might not have the bills due in the next week or past due all the time, we can skip sending email on those days.
      To do that, open the Rule and add a Condition. Choose the Range Condition, enter the range as “A2” and select the Condition from the dropdown as “is not empty”.
  • The add-on “Sheet Automation - Automate Google Sheets” is free to use with a limited quota of 300 rules triggers per month.

Hi @ppraju12 ! Thanks for sharing this solution! I know that feature referenced is widely requested.

Since this is proposing the use of a 3rd party workspace add-on not affiliated with Tiller in any way, would you mind sharing details about the permissions/scopes requested by that add-on here in this topic so folks can decide if they want to give it permission prior to starting the set up here?

This usually appears on the screen just after you select which Google account it should be allowed to run within. Thanks!

Ah… That’s a valid point @heather. Thanks for bringing it up.

I just checked the permissions requested for this add-on are same as what “Tiller Community Solutions” add-on requests for, with just one extra permission to “Send an email as you”.

The access to edit the spreadsheet is requested, as we also have an option to create rules to update the cell values. But, those updates would depends on the rules that we define.

So, I think we’re good on this front. Please let me know if you think otherwise.

Hi @ppraju12 - thank you! I think we’re good too, I just think awareness of the permissions is important. Tiller Community Solutions (TCS) actually has very broad permissions that we’re not super excited about and will eventually narrow as we continue moving features out of that add-on. Another thing to note is that anyone will Google’s Advanced Protection enabled will not be able use this add-on either because of those permissions.

For sure… Couldn’t agree more…

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I am interested in Bill email notification

@adekunledauda, Glad you found it useful.
I’ve updated the Notes section of the post with the steps to set this up.

Hey @ppraju12!

Thanks for sharing this workflow and doing such a great job of writing it up.

I hadn’t heard of SheetAutomation but I see that you were able to accomplish something cool without having to write any code. (Though if the integration with a third party app posed privacy concerns, I think doing something similar with the Gmail API and a nightly trigger would be doable.)

I also appreciate that you are creating ad-hoc solutions to feature requests until our dev team gets a chance to prioritize them. Keep up the good work.

We currently don’t offer Tiller Builder Rewards Program awards to solutions that use 3rd party services… but we are grateful nonetheless.

And congratulations on becoming a Superhero this month!!! :superhero:
(The announcement is forthcoming.)


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Yeah… Totally agree… We could set this notification via App Script as well. But, I didn’t want to scare them with some lengthy code for the script.

Hence, I thought of sharing a solution that is simple enough for everyone to use.

I am new to the Tiller Community but ths close to my topic of interest.
My spouce only reads the daily account email. She is looking for any transactions that she cannot explain. I would like it if at the same time she saw the categories that have been auto assigned to these transactions. If no category has been assigned she could asign the category (eg ‘Gifts’) for transactions she is responsable for. This would greatly simply my task of going into Tiller and manually catching up on transations with no category.

@engpierce, It seems like you are interested in setting up a way to categorize the transactions on the fly, so that your spouse can update the categories without the need to open up the Tiller spreadsheet.

To achieve this, you can setup a mobile App to categorize transactions on the fly.
Here are a couple of Show & Tell posts that explain how you can set that up. Hope this helps!

I have tried cultivator for a few weeks and my wife even sits down with me and helps with the categories and notes. looks very promissing.

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