Mobile App to Categorize On The Go

Hey Tiller Community,

Thought it would be fun to try and build an app for myself so I can easily categorize on the go. Especially since Glide now charges $25 per month.

Here some screenshots… I’m working on making it more awesome. If there are any members out there who would like me to set them up with the mobile app - works on all devices - let me know :slight_smile:
– Leave a way I can get in touch with you or ping me on linkedIn

There are some really cool things that could be done like notifications, charts, awesome UI… but first things first is categorizing on the go something of value to you?


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Hi @joshmeth30,

I like to categorize and enter manual transactions on the fly via mobile too… And I’ve been using the Mobile App that I’ve setup with Google’s AppSheet.

And I’ve setup something similar to Mobile App for Tiller with AppSheet. And the best part is it is free to use and anyone can build apps with low-code option available here. But, obviously it has its limitations, but still works for the most part of it.


Sounds cool, @joshmeth30. Can you share any details on the technologies or frameworks you are using? Is your plan to open-source the project?

Hey Randy thanks for commenting. I think the app should be open and free especially the categorizing feature which is what is most valuable to me.

  • So if anyone is interested in being a beta user just comment below :wink:

Sign me up @joshmeth30

This is a great idea.

I was also impressed by Richard peng’s work with Appsheets. His had the following functionality:

  • Identify and categorize new transactions
  • Track cash transactions
  • See how much budget is available to spend in a subset of most important budget categories
  • Check account balances
  • View helpful charts for Net Worth and from the Simple Business Dashboard
  • Require as few modifications to Tiller-provided sheets as possible
  • Require as few workflow-specific sheets as possible

I tried to copy his Appsheet to do my own but I got lost in the weeds somewhere and couldn’t get out - I had to start a new sheet, since I messed up my first one so much and couldn’t figure out what I had done wrong.

Tiller is remarkable. It would be nice to have a more mobile friendly UI for occasions such as cash transactions and double checking budget availability for deciding on a purchase.

Personally, being in Canada seems to mean that my transactions only update/refresh when done refreshed manually (which takes quite a long time), so for me a mobile version would only be as up to date as I am with my PC refresh. I guess that’s one reason to switch to all manual accounts.

Right now our focus is on rock-solid data feeds but we know there is a ton of opportunity in mobile.
We hear you. Thanks for the feedback, @jesseturton.

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