Mobile App for Tiller with AppSheet

I was able to create a mobile app for Tiller with AppSheet. No coding is required, but there is a somewhat tough learning curve to learn how to setup the Tiller Data so that appsheet can use it. You can demo the app here (you might need to resize your browser to be similar to the aspect ratio of a phone). You can see how I setup the Tiller Data to work with AppSheet here.

I was able to get the app to: show balance histories as graphs or a table, see and edit all transactions, see only new uncategorized transactions (and categorize them), track your monthly budget to see how much is left in a given category, see account balances etc. I’m sure anyone with some time could figure out more. For a couple of the displays I needed to create an intermediate sheet to get appsheet to import the data correctly.

This looks super cool, @benito334. Thanks for sharing!

We hear you on the “dummy data” request. One of the challenges of sharing personal finance workflows is showing solutions without personal information. For this reason, we built a Sanitizer workflow into the Tiller Labs add-on. With just a few clicks, you can abstract and scale all of your personal information into a copy of your original spreadsheet.

Let me know if you have any questions and I’m excited to see how you and other users integrate with AppSheet.


Please sign me up. I would live to be able to use this someday. Thanks for sharing and for all of your hard work.

This is a sensational option! Just what I have been looking for. Great! Thanks.

I checked out the demo and it looks great. Do you have a getting started instructions, or code I can reuse, or is it just showing - it’s worth attempting?

I too checked out the demo and spent some time with it before quickly realizing that the original poster was correct in that there is a very steep learning curve so I abandoned any further work on using it.


Just a quick comment on the Sanitizer. I used it about a month ago just to see how it worked. It is a nice tool but I wonder how useful it is as a practical matter. Meaning - the company and institution names do not allow me to make much sense of what I am seeing. The names might as well be in a foreign language as far as I am concerned. I provide a few extreme examples to illustrate my point.

fu94hm58KZNME332SH& Savings & Loan
ghe37il/'fxqe568#^jlp Bakery
astHO8944FG,.RREETHKJLL;HF University
dfgyu8790drsnjuku5346487/VHDHD668 Company



It’s absolutely worth attempting with the main benefit for me being a better mobile UI to manipulate and sync with the data in google sheets. Having this has made my workflow using tiller worksheets that much easier. I spent probably 5-6 hours tinkering with it over a weekend to think about what views would be most useful to me. I would highly recommend it.

Now if I could only get my money feed to actually refresh automatically…

Wow, I am a new user but this feature is very exciting. I will be using for multi-company accounts. Is there a way to have this pretty “plug n play” as i am not very advanced with any of this yet. I would be willing to pay towards the effort and some customization if you are interested?? Thanks

I hear you @blake. The idea is to fully anonymize all transaction and account names. I have a big array of nouns embedded in the add-on and they are selected at random.

The intent is also to preserve relative categorization so that example budgets still balance even if the descriptions make no sense.

I guess a future version could suggest random replacement names in the sidebar and all the user to approve or manually enter alternatives. (This feature would be a ways out.)

I’m open to suggestions if you have ideas that are not to challenging to implement.



Why not use current existing institutions and names that the user does not have an account with. I have accounts with Fidelity and Etrade. Using the sanitizer, maybe my accounts are now with Vanguard and Merrill Lynch. My bank is Chase but now maybe it becomes Wells Fargo. Etc., etc.



Hello everyone. I’m new to Tiller and saw this post while I was looking for a way to turn my Tiller sheets into an app. It put me on the right path to trying AppSheet.

All I needed for the app is the Monthly Budget sheet to see how much I have left to spend for the month. So it’s not as complex as what the original poster created. The gist of it is that I’m pulling data into another sheet (so AppSheet is not pulling directly from the Tiller sheet) and using that to display to the AppSheet app. Here are the steps in case anyone wants to try:

  1. Create a new spreadsheet. This is the sheet where we will pull the data INTO.
  2. On the upper leftmost cell of this new sheet, type in =IMPORTRANGE("<your sheet ID>/edit","Monthly Budget!B14:H") where sheet ID is the one for your Tiller sheet. If you get lost you can find more info on how this works here. If you did this correctly, the data from the Tiller sheet should be pulled into the new sheet, for the specific ranges.
  3. Create a new app in AppSheet and select your new spreadsheet as data source
  4. Inside your app creation dashboard, select UX on the left, and change the View Type to Table

That’s it! It’s also got this nice default table view of showing the Available column (which is the data I want to see on the onset), and lets you dig in by clicking on the row.

Here’s what the app looks like -

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I completely agree with this post. I built an app with AppSheet that shows my budget and bank balances. I Evan can see all the transactions by category and edit transactions from my phone. It’s very cool.

Me as well - I now categorize my transactions, update budgets etc through the app, not the spreadsheet - makes it very easy to use.

I’m also a huge fan of AppSheet. It’s definitely got a steep learning curve but it’s flexible enough to do everything I need to categorize my transactions. I just figured out the last piece: splitting transactions.


Do you mind sharing a copy of your app. I would be interested in seeing how you did the splitting of transactions. I also wish there was a way to refresh our tiller accounts from the app.

I couldn’t figure out a good way to share the app, but here’s how I did it:

Data -> Transactions:

Suggested values: IF(AND(ISNOTBLANK([Amount]), [Amount] <> "-"), LIST("$"&[Amount]&" split"), LIST())

Split Remainder (Virtual Column)
App Formula: INDEX(EXTRACTPRICES([Note]), 1) - [Amount]
Show Formula: CONTAINS([Note], "split")

Behavior -> Actions:

I also would like to have a way to refresh Tiller accounts from the app. Perhaps it’s for the better so I don’t obsessively check my app and refresh my transactions. For now, I’ll just wait for the automatic update each day and categorize my transactions at that time.

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I created a Demo version of my AppSheet implementation supported by data I ran through the Sheet Sanitizer:

Awesome. I will take a look Thanks for posting