Tiller Feeds Sample Data (for Google Builders)

Sometimes, the biggest obstacle to sharing your creations is protecting the privacy of your personal financial data. Whether the issue is screenshots or spreadsheet shares, we’ve got you covered. :person_tipping_hand:

I built up a new Foundation Template with artificial data that roughly matches up with income streams and expenditures of a generic household. There are periodic rent and paychecks, there are roughly balanced budgets with some variability month to month, and all the data is categorized.

The three-year data set is structured to always be “current” by mapping dates to begin at the end of the current month. (So, if today is March 15th, the newest transaction will be a few weeks into the future at the end of March.)

Click on this link to access the spreadsheet.

Feel free to use, modify and repurpose this data to meet your needs.

Awesome. This is a big help, thanks!

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Thanks Randy, can you also create a function that deletes all the sample data in one click so folks can get started quickly

It’s an interesting idea, @richl, but where would that function even go? (I can imagine that being helpful for some demonstration templates… like yours.)

(The intent was more for demonstration/screenshot content than for serving it as a ready to use template prepopulated with data.)

Honestly it could be for both scenarios I have a reset function that I use to clear my sample data in the various sheets . For tiller you could add it to the tools section add sample data/ clear sample data

Oh… that’s a cool idea… to be able to add it too… :thinking:

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Hi @randy,

Thanks for setting up this spreadsheet with sample data. This really helps!!
But, I noticed that “Balance History” sheet is missing some fields that are part of the default template, such as “Balance ID”, “Month”, “Week”, “Account Status” & “Date Added”.

Just wanted to let you know so that you can update the sheet, as there might be others who are referencing this sample sheet for sharing their templates, who could run into an issue.

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Thanks for letting us know it’s missing a few columns @ppraju12

I took the initiative of using your sample data to populate a full version of the new Tiller Foundation ('23) to have the new layout and sheets, hopefully with all of the columns per @ppraju12 comment. It’s located here: Tiller Sample Data. I opted to keep the Spending Trends and Budget sheets in the file because a builder’s workflow might need them, and they can always be deleted. Hope others find it useful.

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I get a message about an Apps Script file when I started to make a copy :thinking:


Okay, I fixed the original link to go to the correct file, and I also deleted the App Script file. Let me know if that worked. If it did, could you delete your post or the quote section, because it uses the bad link and others may click it. Thanks for finding that!

I confirmed the updated link doesn’t have the Apps Script and I removed the bad link reference from my post. Thanks for sharing the file :slight_smile:

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Thanks for building this out and keeping it clean, @brettanicus.