Tiller Feeds Sample Data (for Excel Builders)

We’ve had ready-access to sample data for Google-Sheets builders for almost half a year now. As but another baby step to platform parity, I’m sharing a sheet filled with sample transaction and balance data in the new Excel Foundation Template.

As a builder, I’ve found sample data helpful to see how dashboards come to life over longer time horizons and to share screenshots when sharing without exposing my personal financial data.

As with the Sheets version, I built up the new Foundation Template with artificial data that roughly matches up with income streams and expenditures of a generic household. There are periodic rent and paychecks, there are roughly balanced budgets with some variability month to month, and all the data is categorized. The three-year data set is structured to always be “current” by mapping dates to begin at the end of the current month. (So, if today is March 15th, the newest transaction will be a few weeks into the future at the end of March.)

Click on this link to download the spreadsheet.

Feel free to use, modify and repurpose this data to meet your needs.