Tiller Excel parity with Tiller Google Sheets

Hi all,

I’ve found that as times go on, I get more and more concerned with my dependence on Google, especially around sensitive areas like Finances. Curious as to how far Tiller has come for Excel support as previously Excel support was still in beta. How close to parity are we for Excel functionality for the core Tiller operations (e.g. Foundation Template, Plugin) and is Tiller’s strategy to aim for feature parity? I know there’s less control over the community but I’m curious as to how popular Excel users are to Google when it comes to shared templates, etc. I have to imagine, there are way more Excel experts than Google Sheets but this community started with Google.

I’m thinking of switching and trying to understand the longer term impact.

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@mark.chien that’s a great question. Privacy is a founding principle of Tiller Money (for example, no one here at Tiller Money can see customer transactions and balances). We respect that privacy also means different people will choose different spreadsheets for privacy reasons too.

Microsoft Excel remains a priority for us. We’ve recently moved from a private listing to a public listing in the Microsoft add-in store. The Tiller Money solution for Excel includes a template to get you started, and you can store your spreadsheet in Microsoft’s cloud or on your computer locally. That said, we don’t currently have AutoCat nor the depth of community solutions with Excel, but you can build whatever you can dream with Tiller Money and Excel.

We haven’t yet added Microsoft Account authentication yet, so your Tiller Money account identity will remain tied to your Google Account (which means that email address is shared with Google). That said, if you’re not using a Google Sheet then none of your data is available to or shared with Google.

I hope that helps. Thanks for using Tiller Money. And stay tuned for more updates about Excel as we move into 2021.

Can one start with Google sheets and transfer the data to Excel when it gets full implementation? I’m relatively new to spread sheets and am using Excel. I want to be able to automatically categorize transactions.

@jetdelta, you can definitely start with Google Sheets and then when you feel comfortable transitioning to Excel you can copy/paste your Transactions and other relevant data from the Google Sheet to the Excel workbook. I don’t think we’ll have an automated way to migrate the data between platforms any time soon.