Feature Parity - Excel & Google, Transition From Quicken

How close are we to having feature parity in Excel vs Google sheet in Tiller? I do not use any Google products and would only consider using the Excel version of Tiller but noticed that many of the add-ons and extra features are only available for the Google Sheet. Any ETA on when we can expect feature parity?

Also, is there an easy way to import all the categories, transactions and accounts from Quicken For Mac into Tiller? Anyone gone through this exercise before? Any feedback/suggestions would be appreciated.

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I just wanted to give you some feedback, because my process sounds quite a bit like what you were going through. I transitioned to Tiller several years ago from Quicken for windows, which I had used for decades. I ended up not directly transferring my categories to Tiller. I just redid them. That should not be difficult though, just get your categories out from Quicken in text format and then pull them into excel.
I used Tiller in Google sheets to begin with, because that’s what was available. My ultimate goal was to get it into Excel. I’ve been using Tiller in excel for over a year now and it’s working just fine. my intention was to develop most of my sheets that I needed myself, but there is enough functionality in excel with the provided tiller sheets to work quite well. What I did to begin with was run quicken and Tiller in parallel for a while, and I would suggest you do the same. It’s a little more work but makes the transition very smooth. Good luck!