Excel and Sheets - Tiller Same Features?

Hi - will Excel soon pick up the features like AutoCat and transaction splitting that are in Sheets? What other features are missing from Excel that we can use in Sheets?

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Manual Accounts, Add other tabs, etc. Too many for me to be able to use it.

As I read the May 26th announcement … I thought they announced feature parity. I am looking for details but have not been able to find anything beyond the marketing announcement.

The two platforms both have the same high-quality bank feeds, @bgibson4. If you are trying to connect a personal sheet or like to build your own tooling, you’ll be fine.

The Google Sheets version has accrued many more support bells & whistles over time— things like manual accounts, Fastlink in the sidebar, Autocat, splits, managed templates, etc. So, in this regard, they are not at parity.

Our dev team is working through stories to take big strides over the coming year. Getting Autocat to production in Excel is a current priority; it’s in a limited beta in Excel now… really close.

Hope this helps.

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Can you explain? I have added many tabs in Excel and have incorporated accounts not managed by Tiller.

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