Automatically import excel tablet transactions into tiller transaction tab

I have an excel tables for each of my chequing accounts where I register all bank transactions… I have one excel table for each bank so I can easily reconcile with bank statements

I would love to find a way for these transactions to be automatically sucked into tiller transactions tab so they can be automatically categorized by autocat and be part of the tiller ecosystem? Maybe have a button or process which says, bring me all new excel transactions to tiller transaction tab

Excel can automatically import google sheets data with power query… I want the exact opposite…
Is there a way that each time I add an excel transaction, it gets imported to the tiller transaction tab?

Please help. I will be greatly appreciated

@jorgeelizondom, it sounds like you’re wanting a hybrid workflow with Google Sheets and Excel? The power of AutoCat is in Google Sheets, but you prefer Excel because… of the tables? The reconcile? Have you checked out the Statements and Statement Details sheets in Tiller Money Labs for reconciling against statements? Just wondering if we can get you just using Google Sheets :wink:


Hi Heather!!

I hope you are doing great. Love your huge smile on your profile pic!.

It is indeed a hybrid model. I have a somewhat complex personal accounting model in excel that takes care of expense tracking and investment performance (some sort of super net worth tracker). I have no use of a budgeting tool, though (no offense, hehee). Nevertheless, tiller has been a godsend for me because of the tiller bot (no more scanning/typing CC statements) and autocat is just pure magic.

The reason I want to import excel tables to go google is because my assistant records all checking transactions/payments “as they happen” in an excel table for each of my checking accounts. I tried using tiller to pull my checking transactions but the problem there is that I have to wait a day for the transaction appears in the transaction sheet. That does not work because a check/transfer needs to be recorded when you execute it; not when it clears. See what I am saying. Therefore I have one table/tab for each account in excel and then I manually import them to my tiller transaction tab just to have autocat categorize the transactions. I then use power query in excel to AUTOMATICALLY import categorized transactions from the tiller transaction tab back to my excel model.

What I am now trying to do, and the reason for my question, is to have google sheets do something similar of what power query does on excel but in reverse…. I am trying to find some google sheets tool to automatically import my excel checking account tables to the transaction sheet for categorization.

Your help will be much appreciated.

BTW, I congratulate the great work you guys are doing…. Tiller has greatly evolved since the first time we chat.

Just to note that you can input a manual transaction to Tiller (as it happens) and then reconcile it a couple of days later. Tiller will search for transactions and show you what it imported and what you manually put in and then if it matches, Tiller will de-dupe.
I’ve used it for manually putting in a paycheck for the future, (so that my account projection sheet would be accurate) and for large expenses that didn’t clear my credit card yet.
I think this might be helpful for your use. Another benefit of using Google Sheets, is the APIs available, you can have a form, table, web dashboard, all pulling, and inserting to, your Google Sheet.

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That’s good to know.
Thanks for the info.
Nevertheless, I would like to keep each account (I have dozens) in a separate excel table and have some of them be automatically imported to the tiller transaction sheet for auto-categorization.

I already have a way ta automatically send them back to excel via power query

Is there a way to do this automatic import?
Oh an it should be a live update, if possible, of course.

Thanks again for your input

I am doing great, @jorgeelizondom. Thanks for asking! Hope you’re well in this crazy time!

I’m not aware of any automated means of getting the transactions from each of your tabs in Excel automatically into your Google Sheets Transactions sheet.

But @yossiea is right. There is a tool called Tiller Money Labs that offers an option to manually add a transaction and flag it for reconcile.

You could have your assistant record them using that tool instead, AutoCat will categorize it, and then when the matches comes in you’d run the Reconcile feature in that same Labs add-on.

Hopefully that helps.

Thanks for the feedback on the product, it’s still evolving :slight_smile:

Thanks heather… I will give it a try.