Auto Rename Descriptions in Transactions for Excel

I’m starting to get a bit frustrated with the lack of feature parity between Excel and Google in Tiller. Unless I’ve missed it somewhere, I’m assuming we do not have the same functionality as the Google Sheets version to automatically rename descriptions in transaction rows using AutoCat or some other tool?

Is there a way to still accomplish this without any add-ons?

AutoCat is available for Excel:
Now Available: AutoCat for Microsoft Excel - News & Announcements - Tiller Community (

Right but I don’t believe it has the Advanced Rule Builder like the Google version does which allows you to rename descriptions/payees in the transactions sheet. I could be mistaken but don’t see it anywhere.

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Ahh, looks like you’re partially right. AutoCat for Microsoft Excel | Tiller Help Center ( says they don’t have the advanced rules in the sidebar UI, but you can still create the rules in the AutoCat sheet (which is how I always doing it anyway). So just create a “Description Contains” column in your AutoCat sheet and enter what you want it to look for, then enter what to change it to in the Description column.

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Perfect, thanks worked. Appreciate it.