What support and resources exist for Excel users?

I am an advanced Excel user and am having difficulty finding any resources to help get creative with Tiller. I’ve searched for created templates to see if I can get some clues; but they are all for Google Sheets. When I try to access these templates in my Google account, I’m asked to start another account with my Google login instead of my Microsoft Office 365 login. I’d prefer to only have one account with one payment. Is there any specific resources for Excel users so that we can more effectively use and create our own spreadsheets with Tiller?

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I’ve learned through looking at other templates. You’ll find a few in the Excel Show and Tell section of the community. Also, you can associate two logins with your account, I use my google login for Google Sheets stuff, and my M365 login for Excel related stuff. I think @heather told me how to do that, but it’s been a while so I don’t recall how.

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I’m in the same camp here. I just started using Tiller again after an earlier trial version in June. I use MS Office 365 Excel in my PC. NO cloud, NO Google-sheets. My satellite fed internet is too costly & too iffy for cloud anything & I just don’t want to spend any more $ for cloud storage etc.

PLEASE dear Tiller folks = PLEASE establish an EXCEL ONLY section of explanations, tips, and Step by Step HOW TO’s. It is exceedingly difficult to translate your instructions for GS to Excel especially if one does not have lots of experience with Tiller or the terms used. I’ve spent HOURS reading thru the Community offerings and my brain is overwhelmed.

PLEASE incorporate the same features for us MS Excel users as you have for Google-sheets. I would like to split transactions for more detail and I NEED to easily reconcile my accounts. Right now to reconcile my end of month stuff I copy data from my Transactions sheet to an entirely separate workbook/sheet and then compare with my CrCr and Bank Stmnts.

All I want to do is just use Tiller the way I would with any other app… plug and play :slight_smile: