Excel or Google Sheets is one better than the other for use with Tiller

I am a new to google sheets. I am only using google sheets because I can use with Tiller. I have used Excel in a very basic sense at work for years. I plan to stick with Google Sheets while using Tiller because that is where I started. I can’t imagine having to start over with Excel. Is there any compelling reason to switch to Excel that I am not aware of? I know the Founder of Tiller is excited about Excel should I be as excited? What am I missing? Is there a reason to use both?

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I suggest you read this thread…

I am an Excel user and have everything I need. However, although Tiller is adding more features in Excel, it will be a while before the amount of features, maturity of features, and community support are up to par with Google sheets. I suggest if you are happy with sheets then stay there for now. However if you are a power Excel user that can supplement existing Tiller offerings with your own use of Excel features and find it fun to add-your-own … then switch.

The energy you mention around Excel is due to the large Excel potential user base as so many people are familiar with it. Also as Microsoft has moved away from their own Money in Excel there is an opportunity to pull in those users. It is also addressing long standing community requests for a fuller Excel offering.

Either way Tiller Money is a great step up from other options. Good luck!

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For now the Google Sheets version has more features and many templates available to expand what Tiller can do for you. The Excel version will catch up, but I’d give it at least a year before there is any chance of them being close to even. At that point, ideally, you’d go with the one you are most comfortable with customizing, since that’s the extra power Tiller provides, the ability to change things up to do exactly what you want.