Excel Spreadsheet vs Google Sheets

Before signing up for Tiller, what is the difference between using Excel and Google Sheets? When reading the information pages, it is so confusing to get a true picture of what feature works with each and what feature doesn’t work with each. Is there a comparison chart of them?

We don’t have a comparison chart but, if you don’t have a preference, I’d highly recommend Google Sheets. At this time, we offer more templates, tools and workflows for Google sheets… particularly if you’re interested in some of the features of the Tiller Community Solutions Add-on.

Google Sheets is definitely the way to go with Tiller, and if you haven’t used it in a while, it’s come a LONG way from where it used to be. The best feature you get with Google Sheets that you don’t get with Excel is the ability to use the auto-categorization feature where you can set up custom rules for transactions to go to certain categories.

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