[Need Community Backing] Tilller Should Develop The Same Resource Templates For Excel As They Have Done For Google

Please share your reasoning and why it may be helpful for the end user and tiller - as to why Tiller should have the same resources they provide for Google Sheets, for Excel Spreadsheets. (Please don’t forget peers and users of Tiller’s services - We pay for the plugin, not the platform for which is best compatiable for Tiller)

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:wave: @a2capitaladvisors welcome to the Tiller Community.

It’s a priority for us at Tiller to continue building out features that are core product in Google Sheets for Microsoft Excel.

I can’t speak to specific timelines, but we definitely hear you and are working on it. Some aspects of Tiller are core product and are the features we intend to build out in our product for Excel, whereas others will always be “community-supported.”

Many of the solutions (templates and dashboards) available in the Tiller Community Solutions add-on were built by Tiller Community members, and while we don’t have a separate add-on for making them easy to insert into existing workbook like we do for Google Sheets (the Tiller Community Solutions add-on), the community will still need to take the lead on building out the templates/dashboards.

We keep our core product template (the Foundation Template) focused on the core needs from our users as that makes it sustainable and scalable for our team to support and maintain. Much of what’s been built out by the community is very niche and we won’t take the lead on building these things for Excel. We encourage builders to share solutions that are compatible with the Foundation template so customers can easily add these things onto their Foundation Template, even if manually, which is the case for some Google Sheets solutions too.

Hopefully that helps and lets you know that you have our backing as well :slight_smile: