Newbie 1st Day Help! - Can I Move My Excel Money Tracker Work to Foundation Google Sheets?

Folks, I started today! I have a nice set of categories and assigned the 220 or so snagged transactions to them in Excel. I hate to lose this work.

But I am finding the videos, other help and tools in Google Sheets a bit more to my liking. I know I can import my actual Tiller Money Tracker Excel into a Google Sheets, but I would really prefer to use the Foundation Template in Google Sheets as my base template.

Can I just somehow cut and paste the categories and assigned transactions from my Excel work into the Foundation Template in Google Sheets.

Or, to have all its functionality, do I need to rebuild using the Foundation Template.

Can anyone help? Certainly appreciate the forum and anyone lending a hand!


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To be a good community member, I will archive what I did and it was quite easy. There is a “Migrating an existing data set to a new sheet | Tiller Help Center” article that outlines a few more details, but in summary:

  1. Just select the Category rows 2 down by clicking row number in old Excel sheet and paste special values only at A2 of corresponding Foundation Google Sheet; and update sheet.
  2. I found simpler than the recommended approach to migrate transaction data, just: copy all the cells under “Category” and paste values only into the corresponding cells into the new Google Foundation Sheet. (All the transactions will be there, but to use your earlier work of categorizing, use the Excel labels that, of course, match the custom Category work you have now pasted into the Google Foundatioh Sheet.

(For example, my downloaded transactions include a row with the Description King Soopers, a local grocery store and in Excel I had categorized with my Category “Groceries”. I just pasted the whole column of Category values from the Excel to the Google Foundation Sheet.)

For about 250 transactions, saved a bit of time.

PS: I would urge the intro website page that asks whether you wish to work in Google Sheets or Excel, perhaps explain that for many folks, the extra goodies in the former are worth choosing to start with the Google Sheets option. More of the help videos focus on the former as well. If you are an Excel guru (and I am only OK with it), I would think Tiller would emphasize and nudge you to start with the Google Foundation Sheet. (Maybe, when the Excel option is labeled “Beta”, I should have discerned that.) Just my opinion.


Thanks for the feedback… I’m sure everyone will appreciate your input and advice you shared.

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