Export / Import - Google to Excel

I have searched, but I can’t find this specific scenario.

I am wanting to go from Google Foundation TMP to Excel Foundation TMP.
Does anyone know the best way to get my Google Transactions into Excel Transactions Tab?

If you can help, please assume that I know nothing about Excel. I want to make sure that I copy / paste properly.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I believe the Migrate your financial data between spreadsheets help article has the steps.


Can you convert the google sheets to an excel spreadsheet, open it up in Excel and copy and paste the transactions?

I think you’re referring to Menu > File > Download > Microsoft Excel …

I wouldn’t expect that to work. Formulas and templates don’t have a direct mapping.

All she wants to do is copy transactions which is data, not formulas.

She could also just copy and paste from sheets to excel.

Yes, that’s in the help article I provided in my response to her.