How can I import transactions from a Google sheet?

How can I import transactions from a Google sheet? I have a lot of transactions that were not downloaded automatically due to aging, and I want to avoid inserting them in the Transaction tab and messing up the “Transaction ID” field.


Copy the headers from the Transactions to a blank sheet. Then copy the transactions from your google sheet to the blank sheet and reorganize them to fit in the correct columns. Once they are in the same order as your main Transactions sheet, you can simply copy/paste them into the main Transactions sheet.

Thank you, JJpfieber. Are you sure that this method will not mess up the “Transaction ID” field? Should I leave that field blank in my SS when I copy to the main Transactions sheet?


Yeah, any fields that you don’t have a match for, like Transaction ID, just leave blank. Worst case scenario, if things don’t work you can always role back to the last version before you did the import, but as long as the right data goes into the right column, you should be fine.

Great, thank you again for your help!

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@cacuy0505 When I do this, the steps I follow include:

  1. Download the external bank data as XLS or CSV
  2. Import the external data as a new tab in your Tiller sheet
  3. Review the list of new data against your existing Tiller data to find the place to dovetail the two datasets together. If the bank data you downloaded has the transaction date instead of the posting date, the dates may not line up making this a little trickier especially with a large volume of transaction data.
  4. Review the formatting of the imported data against the Tiller convention – depending on the bank, you may need to reverse signs, or combine multiple columns into one to get the amounts column to be populated correctly.
  5. Do a count of how many new transactions are left after you’ve pruned out any overlap. In the Transactions tab, add exactly that number of rows to the sheet, and then copy/paste the date, description, and amount. I always paste as values to be extra sure I’m not introducing any formulas into the Transactions sheet.
  6. I fill in the account name and number and institution for the new transactions using a Tiller-populated entry for that bank. I also add a note in the detailed description field stating that these entries were manually uploaded on X date by Y person, in case needed for troubleshooting later. I leave all the other columns blank.
  7. I then copy a whole Tiller-imported row and use the paint brush to apply that formatting to all the newly-added transactions so it all looks neat and tidy.
  8. Every once in a while I find the copied in dates don’t sort properly. For these, I use Column A to multiply the date by 1, then copy/paste over the date column, and that seems to fix the issue.