Certain transactions-type in manually?

I have a new business and just got a bank account, but before I did, I made purchases on my personal credit cards. Now I want to create a Tiller sheet just for that business and add those transactions. Since there’s only a handful spread out on different dates and i think even over different credit cards, would the easiest way be to type it in manually vs export .csv and do it that way?? I’d use the bank import template and at least have the date, description, amount, and month). Just want to make sure that’s the best way to do it. Thanks!

If it’s just a few transactions, I’d just manually enter them, seems quicker than preping a CSV in the proper format and then maybe having to clean up.

so i realized that i already have these transactions imported and categorized in my personal tiller. I could just copy and paste. Im thinking regular paste, including formatting…would there be any reason why I shouldn’t cut and paste? would it mess things up going from one sheet to another? or maybe I should just paste values only? thoughts?

I would think copy/paste would be safest. Once you get everything squared away, if you don’t want the transactions in the personal sheet you can always go back and delete them. I’d probably just paste values so they inherit the formatting of the new sheet. If that doesn’t work right, you can always ‘Undo’ and try again with formatting.

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k thanks, i’ll try that! =)