Longtime tracker of transactions, needs help with how best to get started

Hello all,

I have been tracking all transactions manually in excel for the last 10 years or so and am excited to start using Tiller. I am a bit overwhelmed on how best to start out and get this setup and was looking for some tips/tricks. My main concern is not wanting to lose the historical data i already have and not sure how best to integrate the past information with onging data feeds from Tiller. Any guidance would be appreciated. thanks!

I brought in legacy data I had gathered by first rearranging the legacy spreadsheet to have the same columns, column order and column names as the Transactions sheet. If you have legacy columns that don’t exist in the Transactions sheet, add those columns to the Transactions sheet. Once you have them both with the same columns, you can then simply copy/paste the data from the legacy sheet to the bottom of the Transactions sheet. I would do a paste-special “values only” so they get the formatting from the Transactions sheet, and no formulas, data validation or conditional formatting mess up your Transactions sheet.

thank you for that tip. What is the difference between pasting historical data at bottom of transactions sheet and import CSV data which i have seen in other posts?

Same end result. I’m not as familiar with the importer, so not sure what adjustments you’d need to make, but I’m sure it can work as well.