Do's an Dont's on the Transactions Sheet

Hi, I’m pretty new to Tiller and have a few newbie questions relating to the Transaction sheet.

1. Will adding arbitrary columns to the transactions sheet mess up tiller reporting?
2. Can I fill the Transaction ID column for manual account transactions without messing up Tiller?
    3.  Why is the first column (named T) blank?

I’ve added a number of columns to mine, here’s my understanding:

  • Don’t change the header names of the existing columns
  • Don’t have duplicate header names
  • Keep new columns to the right of the Amount column
  • Well written templates will not assume the original order of the Transaction sheet columns, so they should be fine. Any templates that make assumptions of column order are likely to break, so you or the creator may need to make some tweaks.

If I’ve created manual transactions directly in the Transactions sheet without using the “Manual Transaction” tool, I’ve just left Transaction ID blank, and haven’t had issues.

I think the blank column A is a legacy formatting thing, I know they didn’t include it in the Excel template.


Thank you! Everything is what I was hoping for. I plan to use Integromat to automatically insert and update transaction details and summaries from Stripe and PayPal into Tiller manual accounts. It looks like the process will work as well as Tiller’s bank feeds.

Interesting, good luck!