Did I mess up Transactions by adding/changing columns?

I started with Tiller yesterday, added a few columns in the middle of the default ones, may have changed a name or two of the default columns as well. I refreshed accounts, clicked “fill” on the spreadsheet, nothing changed - no balance update and no transactions uploaded. I created a new “test” sheet and it updated fine. Did I mess something up by adding custom columns?

Adding columns shouldn’t matter, but renaming the original columns would likely cause a problem. If putting them back to the original names doesn’t work, I would maybe try to look back through your ‘versions’ and restore a version from before you did the renaming.


You can edit any of the data in the Transactions sheet except the headers in row.If these header keywords are missing the dashboards’ formulas can’t find the correct columns in the referenced sheets to pull the data in.

Also, it is important to not rename the Transactions sheet (tab at the bottom). Doing so will prevent your data from being pulled into the sheet.

I’d do a quick comparison of your sheet and the test sheet to see if anything is different.