Transactions Sheet

My transactions sheet has the normal columns from column A to column P and then it has eight blank columns from Q to X and then in columns Y to AA I have ‘Metadata’, ‘Reconcile Date’ and 'Note".

Is this normal to have blank columns? Can I delete them? Why are they needed if not?

Interesting. I have no idea, but as point of comparison, I have A-Q with no blanks and nothing to the right.

Screenshot 2022-11-12 11.16.14 AM

I have been using the tools to add additional columns and I am guessing there is a glitch in the way it added them. I would be interested to see what columns you have A through Q

that’s easy - starting with A

A Tiller (blank)
B Description
C Date
D Category
E Amount
F Note
G Account
H Account #
I Institution
J Month
K Week
L Transaction ID
M check number
N full Description
O Metadata
P Categorized Date
Q Date Added

Interesting, did you move columns around or did they get that way be default, my columns are not even close to your line up,

B Date
C Description
D Category
E Amount
F Account
G Account #
H Institution
I Month
J Week
K Transaction ID
L Account ID
M Check Number
N Full Description
O Categorized Date
P Date Added
Y Metadata
Z Reconcile Date
AA Note

To be honest, I don’t remember. I think I might have added the Note column but I think the rest are they way it came back in 2020 when I started.

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Except for the first column, I don’t think it matters the order. You can also delete the blank Column it won’t break anything.