Transaction Sheet Not Showing Columns?

My transactions tab shows only columns A through F. The sheets works fine but I can not “find” the missing columns. The sheet has no filters or groups. A column inserted to the right is column G. What have I done?

Hmmm, I know you said there are no groups - so there’s no +/- group button above column F? :thinking:

Screenshot - 20240705_162014

What happens if you type G1 in the Name box (Ctrl+J)?

There is not a “+” on this sheet! I’m not sure what you are asking for the second part of the answer.

Typing G1 and Enter in the Name box is just a way to test if that cell actually exists on the sheet.

Checking your Version history to restore to a previous working version might be the way to go, but then of course you’ll lose any changes you’ve made since then. Data Fill should still work though from that point.

On January 30th, the missing columns were grouped, indicated by the + sign. I don’t know what’s happened with the + sign. The sheet has been working correctly so the columns must be present, right?

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Not necessarily. I believe the way that the Tiller fill works is that it will skip inserting any column data where the column is not present, instead of failing outright.

I would really try to make a duplicate of your current workbook to have a backup, then run the version history on your original workbook to see if you can get back to a point in time where they were present.

Nope, I tested it in a brand new spreadsheet just now.
Deleted all columns past the Amount column.
Linked one account.
Data happily filled without error messages (note that data filled all the way back to when I originally linked the account to Tiller, not just the typical 90 days for a new linked account).


At the moment, I’m thinking your columns got deleted.

I can see why you wouldn’t want to restore back to a January version, although you could test it by making a copy of the January version, link all your accounts, and then in theory Tiller has all that data to fill it to current. But, if you’ve done other customizations, including outside the Transactions sheet, or any changes to your linked accounts - those would need to be redone.

Or, maybe you could make a copy of the January good version and restore missing columns and some data in your latest spreadsheet based on that. You’d still have some empty fields for the newer transactions, which may not cause any issues for you, since you aren’t experiencing anything else amiss. And then going forward, new transactions would fill the restore columns.

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Thank you for your time. I don’t understand how an intricately linked spreadsheet can work with missing columns of data, but at this point, I don’t need to understand. Thanks again!