Transactions Sheet Missing Data

Hello, I am missing the column headings for columns A and C. As a result column C is not refreshing. How can I refresh the transactions worksheet and not loose any data. Thanks for any assistance you can provide.


In my sheet, Column A has no header and Column C’s header is Description so just type in Description and see if that fixes things. Let me know if it works. Blake


What type of data is in column A in your sheet? Is it blank? If so then not having a header in A is fine. Otherwise, if it’s date (some older sheets the date was in A) then retype “Date” in that cell and the dates should resume populating for transactions going forward.

Similarly for C, what data is there for other rows? That’s the header you’ll want to retype. However, it will not retroactively fill those columns.

Alternative, since you’re using a Tiller Money Feeds sheet, and if you can find the version where the headers were removed, you can restore that version and then update the sheet from there and it will fill everything in that you’re missing.